When it comes to prepping vegetables for our staff speed matters. TaterGator has been a difference maker with just that. We can now get through our prep faster and safer thanks to TaterGator. Which lets us get back to what we do best, making amazing meals for our customers.

Mindy Sullivan | Chef | Cima

In the culinary world we are always looking for a product that allows us to do our job better, TaterGator has allowed my culinary team to save on time and waste both of which are instrumental in providing our customers the quality they expect. I couldn’t imagine a kitchen without the TaterGator.

Rosaria Gismondi | Chef

Steve Hopkins agrees to peel the potatoes for his wife if he has the Tater Gator!

Steve Hopkins

I have been a restaurant chef, caterer, recipe author, specialty foods manufacturer & consultant for over 30 years. When people come to my home kitchen they always leave with a Tater Gator. I always keep a bunch on hand & send to my cooker friends as gifts too.

Chef Bill Marinelli

Using the Tatergator has been a real asset in my Kitchen both with speeding up prep time and of course cutting down on injury! I highly recommend having it your kitchen!

Chef Ron Weisheit | James Beard nomniated chef and owner of Twenty-Twenty Grille, Boca Raton

Outstanding Kitchen device, improves dexterity and peeling goes so much faster with precision! I use it nightly as well as our line and prep cooks! I actually hide mine as my partner is always trying to show them to our customers! I highly recommend this useful addition to any kitchen, both home and commercial.

Chef Tony DiMaio